Basis. Adaptation to the realities.

Once, constantly thinking about how to increase revenues to a satisfactory size, it was not easy to live with it.

Imagination lush like Chopin’s hair caused many disappointments and anxiety.

Ambitions ?

Excessive, unreal ambitions

Real goals are the basis, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. I have often fallen into this error guided by the words of motivational speakers and pseudo coaches (I have absolutely nothing to do with coaching, but some of them are called coaches without foundation)

Without real examples of success, surrounded by people who couldn’t inspire me, I wandered on the Internet. However, when I met a person who achieved above average results in his field, he could not give me the basics, expecting to duplicate the result without foundation.

Or maybe I just skipped a certain stage?

Or maybe I was misleading these people because they thought I was competent (and I was like that, that’s how I felt). However, I acted like the Widows Millennium, nice outside, it promised to be phenomenal, however, just after the start it was falling apart. Nothing more than a lack of foundations thanks to which there were no excuses and there was work, there was discipline. So what if you have discipline if the excuses deprive you of it. A moment from the start I was looking for reasons not to do it, I was subconsciously looking for arguments why I did not succeed.

‚God! Please, give me strength to come to terms with what I cannot change; Courage to change what I can change and wisdom, let me distinguish one from the other. ‚

In order to function normally, move forward and not get stomach ulcers with all this distance is necessary. Make peace with the reality of the world around us without accepting everything that happens to us. Not to take everything personally but also to have enough empathy to not be indifferent.

How to do it? There is no golden mean. In my opinion, there are different stages in life and we will react differently at each of them.

You have to go through each stage yourself, but it’s good to learn the basics at the beginning and it’s good to have this beginning at the high school stage. Ideally, when parents are able to turn it over to us and perfectly when they do it and it will work. However, if we do not have such opportunities, we can do nothing but search.

I would like this place to be a kind of ground for further conscious path. A place that is supposed to fire up in us is something that will keep repeating in the soul, come on! Keep going, give more of yourself. Because we can’t stop demanding from ourselves just because others don’t demand from us.

Look around. Around you. Look at yourself what you have (they can be character traits that make you different, they can be material goods that you can use or provide you with some comfort) and what you have at your disposal (the possibilities that you have at your disposal but not necessarily on your own, Sometimes it is something that you need to reach for or it is someone who can help us and supplement us in some undertaking).

Think about what I can do at this moment if my main income runs out. Am I still able to live on the same level? If so, congratulations! Would it be necessary to take any action? Or maybe it would cause such a difficult situation that it would affect my mood?

We live here and now and thanks to this we know where we are and where we want to reach. This is a great thing 🙂

The realities in which we live are subject to change so I have an impact on them, of course when we are aware of them!

Adapt to the realities, help manage your resources! And organize your life, do you know why? Because you can! You can and do have a full right to it and you want to do it! 🙂

I urge you to reflection, reflexion which, perhaps, will lead you to the right track, and this track will lead straight to a unique life. What I wish you


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